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The construction of houses or any other building structures without a properly prepared rib-and-slab ceiling is very difficult to imagine. It is worth considering which company can guarantee the appropriate quality steel trusses, which are the basis of multi-rib ceilings. For example, Artbet employees who have completed many difficult orders. We are known on the market primarily as a proven manufacturer of reinforcements for lintels, as well as a manufacturer of ceiling trusses.

Profitable experience

With 25 years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge, we are well aware of what should be characterized by appropriate quality materials. All steel trusses we offer have the ITB-2167 / W compliance certificate, which they obtained from the Building Research Institute in Warsaw due to the Artbet technical approval No. AT-15-8950 / 2012.


National Technical Assessment Certificate ITB-KOT-2021/1968

National declaration of performance 2/KS/2021